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Why Democrats Aren’t Attacking Ron Johnson For His Wacky Comments

That makes Johnson a prime target for Democrats, who hope defeating him will help them retain their Senate majority. The Republican primaries are still being settled in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona, which means Johnson will be the Democratic Party’s main villain for the next few months as well.

Several Democrats are vying to take on Johnson, although they all entered the race before they knew he was running again. Among them are Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes and State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski, as well as Alex Lasry, a Milwaukee Bucks executive, and Tom Nelson, a county executive.

Johnson is not the only candidate to repeat false information about the pandemic. In Pennsylvania, Mehmet Oz, a famous doctor who has advocated for the use of unproven drugs to treat Covid-19, could become the Senate candidate for Republicans. Will the Democrats attack him for it, or will they attack him as a wealthy carpet merchant who has lived for years in New Jersey?

In the pre-Trump world, Democrats actively supported opponents known for their wacky or bogus claims because they were easier targets. Take Todd Akin, a Missouri Senate candidate who was kicked out of the Republican Party in 2012 for saying, “If this is legitimate rape, the female body has ways of trying to silence it.” . Claire McCaskill, the Democrat who beat Akin, later confessed to shooting a beer when Akin won the GOP primary.

Now, however, many Democrats doubt comments like Akin’s register with voters in the same way.

“The difference would be that as soon as that happened, there would just be a refrain on the right that would just say, ‘Oh, yeah, yeah, that’s right. A woman’s body can just stop it, ”said Jason Kander, a Democrat who failed in the 2016 Missouri Senate race.

The candidates, taking inspiration from Trump, have also learned to recast their blunders by telling the bold truth. As Johnson wrote in its advertisement in the Wall Street Journal, “Countless people have encouraged me to introduce myself, saying that they rely on me to be their voice, to speak plain and obvious truths that other elected leaders shy away from speaking – truths that the elite in government, mainstream media and big tech don’t want you to hear. “