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TxDOT begins 24-hour shifts for storm handling

SAN ANGELO, Texas – The Texas Department of Transportation prepared and pre-treated roads and stocked up sand and salt mixes for crews in preparation for the impending storm.

TxDOT’s Karen Threlkeld shares that the Department used the winter storm of 2021 to better prepare for this year. She says, “One thing we have done is we have added more brine solution to each of our sites in the district. So now, district-wide in our 15 counties, we have about 250,000 gallons of brine stored, which is more than we had in previous years. We have the ability to order if we need more, but the duration of the storm shouldn’t last more than a few days. So that should be enough.

TxDOT has now completed pre-treating the roads, but even after pre-treating, rain may wash the salt and brine solution off the roads, so crews are monitoring how much rain falls and how much is removed from the roads. routes to determine if another preprocessing cycle should be done.

Threlkeld explains: “Now we depend on the situation this afternoon and today. If it rains hard enough to wash this brine solution off the road. If it rains hard enough we will pre-treat again tonight before temperatures continue to drop and if it turns to sleet, ice and snow overnight.

TxDOT encourages the community to stay home if they can. They say, “there’s really no reason for you to watch our trucks sand and salt the road unless it’s an emergency and you absolutely have to get out.

Driving in the conditions, driving slower than normal, and giving trucks and crews space are three tips offered.

TxDOT is monitoring the weather and all crews will begin 24-hour shifts tonight. Crews will continue to work overlapping 12-1pm shifts until the storm subsides.