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Tour of SENASICA’s Reveam processing facility: discussing the benefits of ECPTM technology

(McAllen, Texas) – Reveam (formerly ScanTech Sciences) hosted delegates from SENASICA, along with the Mexican Mango Exporters Association, EMEX AC, to tour the Rio Grande Electronic Cold Pasteurization™ (ECP™) Center Valley and learn how Reveam’s technology addresses critical issues facing the fresh food industry today. The visit echoed the desire of all attendees to promote the highest quality of fresh produce between the United States and Mexico – and to continue to expand the varieties offered between the two countries.

ECP™, a USDA-approved phytosanitary treatment option, is a chemical-free, heat-free treatment that eliminates harmful pests and pathogens while extending shelf life for maximum freshness and safety. Located in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, Reveam’s ECP™ facility allows produce to travel from the field and orchard directly to the US-Mexico border, eliminating the need to divert and wait for truckloads at the Mexico, saving valuable time and streamlining logistics.

Reveam’s ECP™ technology is an essential alternative to current post-harvest treatment methods, such as chemical fumigation and hot water treatment. Both methods take hours to process a truck load, while heating produce to undesirable temperatures, negatively impacting food quality and increasing waste and spoilage. ECP™ enables the expansion of new and exotic fresh produce varieties, unable to withstand current processing options, to be imported into the United States – while maintaining cold chain integrity.

In partnership with SENASICA, Reveam seeks to expand the varieties of fresh produce processed by its Rio Grande Valley ECP™ center for Mexican imports, such as mangoes, as well as US exports, such as peaches. Reveam’s ECP™ processing and proximity to the border supports Mexican growers and exporters, like EMEX AC, in delivering high quality products to the US market with efficiency and scale.

“Reveam was honored to welcome SENASICA to our facility and to continue our partnership in championing the highest quality fruits and vegetables. SENASICA’s support of our technology enables improved quality and increased variety while promoting environmental sustainability and less food waste,” said Chip Starns, co-founder and executive vice president of Reveam.

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