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Tatcha Indigo Night Repair Serum Cream Treatment Review: Why We Love It

I have sensitive skin and rosacea for as long as I can remember. But now that I’m in my thirties, I no longer go blindly and I no longer put products on my skin that give me an angry, red and prickly face. That being said, every now and then my sensitivity flares up or I deviate from my routine. It forces me to strip things down to the bare minimum. Cleanse, hydrate and hydrate. The last step in this routine? Well, that’s the job of Tatcha’s Indigo Overnight Repair.

First thing to note: this product is fragrance free. Like many powerful active ingredients, the fragrance is forbidden for sensitized skin. But this soothing balm also has a very interesting formulation since it is presented as a serum in a cream. It makes for a thicker consistency than a serum and really looks like a cream, but it doesn’t feel heavy on its own. It’s really nice and absorbs well, but not quickly. Since I apply it mostly in the evening, this is not a problem.

But it’s not the chewy formula that makes this little pot my pot of gold, it’s the ingredients. First and foremost, Japanese indigo and red sage root have a dual role in calming irritation. I found that within two nights of using my redness and complexion returned to normal and the irritant bites almost disappeared. But I also really like that the potion contains ceramides to restore the skin barrier and help me retain moisture, as well as mondo grass root to strengthen my microbiome. This ultimately means comfortable, hydrated skin is in my future.

Now that it’s colder and my skin tends to feel a little rawer … I’m moving that goodness into my rotation as a staple every night and not just as needed. It’s just that good.

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