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Sassoon will open Maha’s first voice and speech diagnosis and treatment clinic

The clinic will not only diagnose voice-related issues, but will also help patients undergo corrective surgery if needed, as well as rehabilitation.

From Thursday, Sassoon General Hospital (SGH) will receive Maharashtra’s first voice and speech diagnostic and rehabilitation clinic under its ENT (Ear Nose Throat) department which will soon be ready for service the patients. The clinic will not only diagnose voice-related issues but will also help patients undergo corrective surgery if needed and also rehabilitation. The center is set up as part of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project. The voice diagnosis and treatment center is very important for professionals whose work is based on speech and voice.

Dr. Sameer Joshi, Head of ENT Department at SGH, said, “This will be the first voice and speech diagnosis and treatment clinic in a state government hospital. The center will be inaugurated on Thursday. We will deal with speech and voice diagnostic and rehabilitation services. The new center will have very advanced technology like slow motion video to identify vocal cord movements and find minute details and these services will be available to people of all ages who have a problem with their voice or those who have speech problems and who depend on their speech for a living such as teachers, singers, orators or preachers. We will also deal with speech related issues in children like stuttering or any voice or speech related issues will be diagnosed and treated.

He added: “Any change in voice such as hoarseness can be treated at our centre. Most often, the patient himself is not aware of the problems related to the voice and with this center we could take care of it. Even now we are addressing voice related issues, but this will be more advanced. For example, we do videocopies which are currently fast in which flaws can be identified due to the expertise of the person, but with the new machines provided by CSR we will be able to identify flaws and scars because it will be in slow motion which cannot be seen with the naked eye. It will therefore be the superior version of the routine treatment. Although this scar may not matter much to a teacher, it can make a huge difference to a singer. In this case, we can diagnose it at the center and suggest surgery if necessary. Any change in voice that could disturb the person could be analyzed in our center in a very objective way.

The center will have eight ENT surgeons associated with the hospital and will have modern equipment thanks to CSR. However, the current audiologist treats six times as many cases reported at the state government run JJ Hospital in Mumbai or more than the cases reported at Aliyavar Jung National Hospital. The center will be set up with the help of the Rotary club which could also provide audiologists for speech therapy so that each case can be taken care of. Dr Joshi said: “Each patient will take about two hours for speech therapy, which can take days or months. The center will be available every Monday and Thursday and registration will close at noon. Check-in will take place at OPD number 70, then the patient will be referred to the new building. We could start with six people a week at first.

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