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Psychiatrist talks about spotting early signs and treating mental health issues

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) – Since the pandemic began two years ago, mental health has become a big topic here in ArkLaTex and across the country.

Alycia Martin’s father died in 2010 by suicide. She said his death came as a shock because he showed no signs of mental illness.

“He was just like ‘Mr. I got it all. He was the ultimate dad, he was there for everything, my assistant softball coach. Biggest pop pop, biggest father figure,'” she said. declared.

Experts say mental health issues come in all shapes and sizes. Everyone copes with it differently, including children.

“Everyone has mental issues or mental health, but not everyone meets the criteria for mental disorder. So it just depends on a person’s ability to cope and sometimes they may not be able to cope very well and that’s when they may need to ask for help said Dr. Kimberly Law, psychiatrist.

Law shared signs to watch out for in adults and children struggling with their mental health.

“Some of the things that seem to show up are excessive anxiety issues. There could be irritability, aggression, sadness. Sometimes poor school or work performance can be early indicators,” a- she declared.

Martin said she would never fully recover from her father’s death.

“There are a lot of things that go into the healing process. You know, 12 years later, I’m still healing and probably still will be,” she said.

Doctors say that if you need help with your mental health, contact your health care provider.

“If anyone thinks they need help or want to know if they have something that needs treatment, start by contacting their primary healthcare provider or contacting their health insurance plan for instructions. in this domain.”

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