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Man who started drug treatment saved jail time for felonies | News, Sports, Jobs

WAILUKU – A man who had undergone residential treatment for drug addiction was spared additional jail time when he was convicted on Thursday of crimes including pointing a gun and chasing a man who owed him money l ‘last year.

Albert Koa IV, 29, of Waiehu was placed on probation for four years.

“He took the bull by the horns by engaging in treatment,” 2nd Circuit Judge Peter Cahill said while following a plea deal to convict Koa. “Obviously these were important issues.

“We will give you the opportunity, after you have earned it, to be put on probation.”

Koa spent more than eight months in prison before being released on February 7 when he pleaded guilty to first-degree criminal property damage, two counts of unauthorized possession of confidential personal information, promotion to third-degree d a dangerous drug, unauthorized control of a powered vehicle and third degree assault.

The charges were brought in four criminal cases.

In one case, Koa was in the Queen Ka’ahumanu Center parking lot on May 30 and pointed a gun at another man, which scared him, Assistant District Attorney Randy Oyama said when Koa pleaded guilty. Oyama said the victim got out of the parking lot and Koa chased after the victim. Koa used his vehicle to hit the victim’s car several times, Oyama said.

Koa said he was at the mall and saw his friend who said he was going to pay back the money he owed Koa.

“About a month later, I was still waiting” Koa said when he pleaded guilty. “Yeah, I got mad. I jumped out of the car and pointed a gun at him, and he drove off and I chased him and hit his car several times.

In another instance, Koa had confidential information, such as ID cards, belonging to two women on May 31. Koa said he couldn’t remember clearly because he abused drugs, “but I remember having someone else’s credentials.”

In a third case, he was in possession of methamphetamine on May 31.

Koa also admitted that he had a fight with a friend and took his car without permission on May 2, 2021.

Deputy Public Defender Zach Raidmae said the crimes took place while Koa “essentially lived a difficult life on the streets.”

“He has no problem when he is sober” said Raidmae.

He said Koa was working and “it looks nice.”

“The ball will be in his court” said Raidmae. “He’s got a lot of jail time hanging over his head.”

Koa was ordered to pay $1,521 in restitution to one of the women whose identity was stolen. He was also ordered not to possess or use illegal drugs and to undergo anger management treatment.

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