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Lip Blushing – Everything you need to know about aesthetic lip treatment

If you remember the 90s and 2000s, the words “permanent makeup” might strike a bolt of fear straight into your heart. In those days, harsh eyeliner and dodgy lip liner tattoos might have taken away the daily work of applying makeup, but they still had a long way to go when it came to styling. look natural.

Luckily, over the past ten years, semi-permanent makeup has had a makeover.on. Practitioners have mastered brow microblading and microshading, blessing us with our most beautiful brows (without anyone being able to tell they weren’t all ours). It was about time our lips got the same treatment. Enter: blush lips. A cosmetic treatment that marries our love of convenience (five extra minutes in bed = priceless) with the growing popularity of the “no makeup” look.

Plot ? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the aesthetic treatment that’s on everyone’s lips.

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What is lip blushing?

As you might have guessed from the name, lip blush is a semi-permanent cosmetic treatment that gives a light wash, or blush, of color to the lips. Although lip blushing uses a needle to draw color from the top layer of skin, the results are a far cry from the harsh pigments of the lip tattoo of years past. Instead, once cured, you can expect a finish similar to that of a lip stain.

“We use small, low-speed needles to create a veil of color. There are options to give a more ‘lipstick’ look to the lipstick and this is achieved by selecting different needle configurations and working at a higher speed,” explains the founder of the lip blush clinic, Borciani London, Natasha Borciani.

Not only does this tint the lips with color, but it makes them look fuller and more defined.

Who is Lip Blushing suitable for?

When it comes to treatments, there’s a reason lip blushing is becoming so popular. As well as giving the lips a natural pop of color, it can also help cover up pigmentation loss, scarring and can be a game-changer for people who don’t have a naturally defined border and find it hard to line their lips. lips.

“We also offer a lip neutralizing treatment for our clients with dark or pigmented lips who want to neutralize purple, blue or ashy tones and give the lip a more even color,” says Borciani.

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as much as us hope that our need for masks is dying out, lip blushing also saves having to reapply your lipstick and liner each time you take off and on your mask (and to that end, it’s also at the kissing test).

What is a lip blushing procedure?

For anyone who has had cosmetic treatments such as botox or lip fillers before, the procedure is pretty standard. “We would typically have a consultation or call with the client to understand what they would like to achieve from their treatment, including the target shape and color,” Borciani explains. “We would also provide a skin test to rule out any reaction to the pigment or anesthetic used (it is extremely rare for someone to be allergic).”

With the medical forms filled out and the anesthetic applied topically to the lips, it’s time to get down to business.

‘We pre-draw the shape of the border, making the lips as symmetrical as possible, we can only work on the tissue of the lips and not outside the natural border of the lips (called the vermilion border) as the pigment will cure a color different here and don’t look very natural,” says Borciani.

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‘The lip liner is implanted first to ensure the edging is secure, once this is in place we will ‘fill in’ the rest of the lips and the anesthetic will be applied continuously throughout the procedure to keep you comfortable. I will generally do 2-3 swipes on the lips until there is an even coverage of pigment.

After your first appointment, you will then need to come back for a second “control” session, where any pigment that has been lost in the healing process (this happens for everyone and can range from 30-80%) is supplemented .

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How long does reddening of the lips take to heal?

As with most cosmetic procedures available today, if you can do it, there’s probably a TikTok video chronicling it. Many lip blushing videos do a good job of showing a visual diary of the healing process and how your lips change over the next week.

“The downtime is pretty minimal,” assures Borgiani. ‘Your lips will be a bit shinier for the first couple of days and you will feel some flaking as the lips heal – usually around days 3-5, but using a balm (check with your practitioner this that you can use) will keep you comfortable during this time.

How long does reddening of the lips last?

Since lip blushing is actually a tattoo, the longevity will be considerably longer than lip fillers, for example, making it preferable for people who like to see long-term results with minimal upkeep. According to Borgiani, lipstick can last between 3 and 6 years before a refresh is needed.

How much does lipstick cost?

The price of lip blushing will depend on where you do it, usually costing more if you go to a clinic in town, but you’re looking at between £200 and £700 for the first and second session.

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How painful is lip blushing?

Realistically, if you’ve gotten to this point, you’ve probably realized that this isn’t going to be a completely painless procedure – we’re dealing with needles here. However, Borciani assures us that thanks to the topical anesthetic combined with the fineness of the needle, you will hardly feel anything.

‘The process is really comfortable, the edging may feel a bit rough, but once done, you will feel very little. In fact, most clients feel surprisingly sleepy during the procedure.

What to Look for When Finding a Lip Blushing Practitioner

Of course, even when you consider all of these things, the most important factor influencing the outcome of a lip blushing session is the practitioner performing the treatment. To ensure you get the best quality of care and skill, Borciani highlights issues to consider when looking to book:

– Don’t be afraid to verify credentials

Ask about the length of their practice and about the environmental clinic. It is very rare to have this intervention performed by a doctor, but a Level 3 with additional training in Permanent Makeup and Masterclasses is expected.

– It is essential to find a practitioner whose work appeals to you

It sounds simple but it is crucial. For example, don’t choose a practitioner who offers heavily tattooed lips if you’re looking for a natural blush.

– Do your research

Reputable practitioners will have a good portfolio of before and after photos, and make sure they have experience working on your complexion. The process of blushing lips is very different from neutralizing lips, for example.

– Ask as many questions as necessary before the treatment

You won’t be able to speak as they work on the lips, so make sure you have a proper consultation to cover any issues and see the surroundings. It will certainly help you to be more comfortable on the day of the treatment.

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