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Farrah Abraham announces new career direction after leaving treatment center

OG teen mom alum Farrah Abraham is heading for a new career path, and it’s one you’d probably never expect. TMZ caught up with Abraham after leaving a treatment center on Monday. During their chat with the reality star, she shared her intentions of starting a career as an actress.

Abraham noted that she was afraid to go on stage. However, she is proud to have found the confidence to give it a shot. His goal in his new career is to have fun, adding that “comic relief is all we need”. Abraham is pretty serious about her new career path and said she’s even set to meet comedian Howie Mandel about it. The reality star said you might catch her performing at some upcoming festivals, but also said she was keeping the details a “surprise” for now.

While discussing with Abraham, TMZ also received an update on how she is doing after seeking treatment. She called her stay at the center “life changing” and said it would help her overcome her trauma. the teen mom alum shared in early March that she would be seeking treatment for her own ‘healing’, adding, “I ignored people for over 11 months after being sexually assaulted and having my whole body broken down, my whole brain in shambles. breakdown.” She continued: “No matter your traumas – whether physical or mental, whether people see them or not – I wanted to take the time and say that I am grateful to my family for being with me this year. after one of my hardest years.”

Abraham’s stay at the treatment center comes months after he was arrested in an incident at Grandmaster Records in Hollywood. At the time, it was reported that Abraham was asked to leave the club after falling out with another client. When asked to leave, she allegedly slapped a security guard. She was later taken into custody and taken into custody. Abraham is due in court on May 19 on the matter. the Teen mom: family reunion The star said she would not prosecute the security guard who was allegedly involved in the incident. However, she said she would take legal action against their employer.