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Clinical trial underway in Miami-Dade for the treatment of liver tumors

KENDALL, Florida – A South Florida hospital became the first in the region to use a non-invasive technique to destroy liver tumors.

In the “Hope For Liver” clinical trial at Baptist Health’s Miami Cancer Center, technology called histotripsy can successfully destroy a liver tumor using high-intensity focused ultrasound pulses.

Dr Govindarajan Narayanan said the treatment did not involve any needles or incisions – only a high-intensity ultrasound beam.

“Once this causes a cloud of bubbles, tiny tiny bubbles form in the area where the energy is targeted, and these bubbles coalesce and cause the tumor to cavitate, so that they kill the tumor cells,” said Narayanan, principal investigator and head of interventional oncology.

The United States Food and Drug Administration has approved the trial, which is designed to study the safety and effectiveness of treatment. For more information on the clinical trial, visit this page.

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