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Advanced Pain-Free Treatment Promoted by QC Kinetix (Murfreesboro) Regenerative Medicine in Murfreesboro, TN

MURFRREESBORO, TN – (NewMediaWire) – April 15, 2022 – via QC Kinetix – QC Kinetix (Murfreesboro) has unveiled a series of therapies designed to reduce pain, improve range of motion and improve overall quality of life. Their medical team carefully designs biological therapies to provide lasting relief from joint pain and musculoskeletal injuries. For patients seeking regenerative medicine to ease the pangs of chronic pain, the clinic offers a no-obligation consultation with a medical professional who will explain the treatment and determine patient eligibility.

Chronic pain patients seeking effective regenerative medical solutions in Murfreesboro, TN will have a hard time choosing QC Kinetix (Murfreesboro) as their next stop. The clinic has an experienced medical team ready to give their best to help patients overcome persistent pain and its long-term effects. These natural treatment protocols target knee pain, sports injury pain, elbow pain, and shoulder pain. Additionally, patients with sports injuries will easily find experts ready to take care of conditions such as golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, and torn rotator cuff. Immediate intervention from QC Kinetix (Murfreesboro) providers will help the patient forego the uncomfortable knee brace and expensive surgery. It also helps to know that the clinic is top rated in Murfreesboro regenerative medicine circles.

The clinic is part of QC Kinetix, a leading regenerative medicine group whose mission is to improve patients’ overall quality of life by alleviating their concerns about musculoskeletal pain and injury. Patients also visit QC Kinetix Clinic (Murfreesboro) because of QC Kinetix’s nationwide network and personalized concierge services touted as some of the best. Non-invasive treatments also promise long-lasting results, which translates into reduced pain, improved bodily functions, and improved quality of life. Patients enrolled in the pain clinic will have their condition carefully assessed before a tailored regenerative therapy plan is created to address chronic pain and associated symptoms.

With as many as 80 million Americans suffering from pain, the emergence of regenerative medicine is good news for many people. The alternative treatment to surgery has been shown to be effective in the treatment and management of chronic pain and sports injuries. It works at the cellular level by triggering organic self-repair and restoration of damaged or degenerated body tissues. For patients with arthritis pain, regenerative medicine takes the pain away and replaces it with long-term relief. The state-of-the-art Pain Control Clinic in Murfreesboro, TN provides treatment with the assistance of highly experienced providers who are trusted to administer safe and effective biological therapies. Patients with joint pain are also advised to receive a dose of the breakthrough treatment targeting fingers, toes, ankles, shoulders, wrists and other joint areas.

QC Kinetix (Murfreesboro) is fully aware of the dangers of chronic pain and its net negative impact on robbing patients of the joys of a better quality of life. The immediate effects of chronic pain are limited mobility and the inability to perform normal daily activities. To ensure transformative treatment, providers always target the root cause of the problem before applying the non-invasive treatment protocols to overcome the pain and its symptoms once and for all. Busy people or those looking to move on with their lives will love the idea that regenerative medicine treatment comes with little to no downtime. The team of providers at QC Kinetix Clinic (Murfreesboro) is led by Erin Bryan, PA, and Dr. Morgan Keningston, MD, who has worked in the field of regenerative medicine for five years. She was a primary care outpatient physician for eight years and an intern hospitalist at Williamson Medical Clinic for four years.

Erin Bryan, PA, is an NCCPA Certified Physician Assistant who is focused on providing quality care to all patients with chronic pain. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a minor in Psychology. The clinic’s website contains testimonials that show real experiences and feelings of patients treated through the nationwide QC Kinetix network. A YouTube testimonial from a patient with severe knee pain shows how he was unable to run a full half marathon, but managed to return to full running after undergoing treatment. To learn more about their Murfreesboro office, check out their website for first-hand information on biologic therapies, medical providers, amenities, and more personal stories from patients who have undergone treatment.

To contact biologic therapy medical providers, call (615) 249-4024 or visit the clinic strategically located at 1747 Medical Center Parkway, Suite 110, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 37129. The cost of treatment using regenerative medicine is revealed during of the consultation round. Their in-house providers will disclose the actual cost after determining the patient’s exact treatment, as they strive to provide affordable treatment regimens. A major advantage of regenerative medicine is the corresponding low downtime or recovery time of six to nine months after administration of the safe and effective treatment.

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